Midwife in the Rebirthing of Humanity

unlocking DNA & Ascending to the true self



Amanda Elyse is a trained Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Rites of Munay Ki, Certified Hypnotist and Life Coach to bring you remembrance of the power within. Along with the union of her spouse & birth of two children, her life experiences were the catalyst for her awakenings. Her rebirthing. 

Whether it's a deep emotional attachment or a simple energy sweep, Amanda will provide her intuitive tools to create new neural pathways that allow mind/body unification and self-realizing moments so that you have greater clarity of Who. You. Are, The true version of a HUman.

John Weil, Title

“The first thing that comes to mind when I think about yoga and reiki with you is gratitude. When I first began practicing with you I felt an attitude adjustment which I now perceive as subtle changes in my energy flow.  Over time this subtle change of my attitude has been very powerful and has enabled me to let go of a lot of worry and anger, be forgiving and be open to joy.  That is what you have shared with me.  For a crusty old man to experience this is a real blessing.


Taylor V, Interior Decorator

“I suddenly was re-living some of my own dreams and abstract memories as a child and young woman. I have always struggled with meditation, or being able to visualize imagery in my mind but the guidance I was being given opened up that world for me. 

I was vulnerable and because of Amanda's genuine love and patience I felt safe even in these dark depths of the soul. Her guidance and encouragement was pure and I could feel her intention was from a place of loving-kindness.


R.K.B., Life Insurance Agent

“When I decided to do the past life regression I didn’t know what to expect. A friend of my recommended it so I decided to do it. What an fantastic journey!  I say journey because I truly feel as though I tapped into parts of me that wanted to communicate with me but I didn’t know how to listen. Days later I’m still getting messages and I feel like a Weight has been lifted. Go into it. You will not be disappointed.