This is the never ending story of a women who Rebirthed Her.Self

>> From the resilient power of her own womb <<

>> From the support of a community who gifted her the awareness of the process to unconditionally love the self & others by being <<

>> From the hidden gift of life that comes from drowning in debilitating darkness <<

Who am I?

All I know is, I don’t know. This has been a question that has always puzzled me. For the majority of my life, even my name seemed foreign and unattached. Being HUman and of this Earth was something I had rejected immensely. 

I found myself front and center, in classroom chair at a hypnosis training, practicing how to use a pendulum. To learn the craft, you begin by asking the pendulum simple questions. Questions you know the “right” answer to. Naturally, I was told to ask the pendulum, “Is my name Amanda?” The chain of the pendulum started shaking... indecisive

Reliving this realization shook me to my core. This message was far more than simply not resonating with my name. This was yet another awakening. A crushing, ground breaking, root trembling fall, to just start over again.

My natal chart depicts me as a Phoenix rising over and over and.. over. Blessed to be aware, in the physical, of the death and rebirthing process. Its who I am and what I know.

I am in a constant transition that emotionally can not be put into words, it has to be felt. Which happens to be one of the best ways I learn, through experience. Feeling is my compass to life. I am in an endless process of rediscovering who I am. Each time, I get to choose to release all the unnecessary titles society wants to claim me as. On the flip side, the hypnosis story was also a representation of my denial about who I am in this life. I now know that I am the middle ground between the cosmos and mama Gaia, here on a mission. I came here as a messenger and part of that message is to really BE Amanda. Awakening and rebirthing her meant others can choose to awaken to their gifts that their darkness brings. Back then, Amanda was not a someone who I accepted and understood how to love. However, through a journey full of intense grief and equally intense passion I am learning to allow myself to be a mother to my children and my.self. To be a healer. To be a yogi and teacher. To be a Reiki Master. To be a hypnotist. To be a protector and guide. To be a student. To be a lover, daughter, sister and friend. To be a light that shines the brightest in the face of darkness. Remembering, while in the process of deep self discovery, that the darkness is my dear friend with many gifts. 


One of those gifts is to be a transformer of energies. My DNA codes unlock others, simply by my endless love for self discovery. I am an energetic computer programmer, if you will. Which brings me to my physical DNA and at the same time, my energetic blueprint. For the bulk of my life, my father was in the military, I have moved from state to state. I am from nowhere but come from everywhere. Another root trembling realization. However, this way of living allowed me to connect to my family in the cosmos. I am airy and can lack grounding, which stimulated my thirst for knowledge about my roots, in all aspects. Where does my DNA come from? Who am I on an earthly and non-earthly realm? 

I am one that is neither here or there but the middle ground between worlds. To be the midwife in the rebirthing of humanity as our species and Earth goes through a transition it has never experienced before.

My life of always being the phoenix rising, has prepared me to support others in their very own remembering of self & rising of self. 

I am here, as Amanda Elyse, reclaiming my name and my power. Through sharing my journey, my hope is that my inspiration unlocks personal knowledge, tools and gifts within your own DNA by discovering the union within the middle ground.




With Love & Resilience