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Ask & You shall receive ~Universe

The message “Ask for what you want!” keeps coming. It’s everywhere. Yes, it is a reminder for me and it came to me because I LOVE to share cosmic/earthly messages. We are one in the same after all.

Let this be a reminder of what we can ‘do’ in this time of rest.

Lets get REAL specific & detailed too!

Now is our time. Now is your time.

Let’s choose, together, to co create with the energy of this message. The universe is asking for our energy input, who’s the one holding back?

Nothing is too silly or out of reach anymore. The veil is seemingly non existent, which once held this magic out of reach for the ‘common HUman’.

Do not forget WHO. YOU. ARE.

Awaken to the reality of YOU.

You matter. In this very moment. Your energy input matters. It always has, it is just more apparent now.

What are you creating now? What are you creating your future to be, in the now? This doesn’t mean DO. It means shift.

What is shifting your energy?

Imagine it’s stormy, yet dreary outside and has been for about a week. What are you feeling like? Wishing for some sun and warmth? Storms are great! But for a week.. it can start to get to you.

Imagine then, you light some candles, put on ambient music, create a delicious dish or make some hot tea and cuddle up in a cozy nook of your home.

You invited joy into your now. You took action to bring joy into gloom. You’re settled within the process from the storm shifting into the sun. You’re at ease, enjoying the process and suddenly the clouds shift with you. The sun blasts through the grey sky, only to create rainbows of endless opportunities, hope and gratitude.

THIS. This is where we are. This is where we always are. Shifting. The end goal is never the end. It’s always the process we look back on. Reminiscing the memories of nostalgic now moments.

Let’s settle into the magic of mother earth colliding with father sun which births the now. Enjoy the process from 'what was', to the now moment that leads up to the what may be.

What are we choosing to co create together in the now? How are we choosing to shift in moments of chaos and uncertainty within the micro and macro cosmic of who we are?

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