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The A Word

The A word. Anxiety, feeling many suffer from.

Speaking from personal experience, as a past time sufferer of this hidden treasure, I found tools that taught my body, mind and spirit to align so that I may integrate the message of anxiety with ease.

This is the message I got.

From personal experience, when I use breath, as a tool, to neutralize anxiety and simply become open to its style of communication I find that I am then flooded with light and life of my true self.

So what is anxiety’s communication style?

Most of you know this.. but for me, it was racing thoughts, gut wrenching nausea to the point of suppressed appetite. It was fear of meaningful relationships because I didn’t know who I was. It was a red face and stuttering words when using my voice. It was a flood of overwhelming emotions that filled my body and its release was crying, which was so intense the flood made it impossible to collect myself. Anxiety was especially triggered when I felt out of control of my physical environment. For example, being forced to go to public school or being forced to move to another state for the millionth time (military child here 🙋🏽‍♀️).

There came a turning point in my life where I was aware of these unnamed feelings, before I knew what anxiety was, I set out on a mission to “heal”. I looked outside of myself, EVERY.WHERE, for guidance. The last tool I learned brought me to the root of anxiety. It brought me back to myself and my personal connection to source. Anxiety anchored me into alignment of my truth. The medicine was within, always and forever.

Within my body, anxiety is the vibration I feel when I am out of alignment with my truth.

I’m not saying this dear friend doesn’t come back for visits. What I am saying is that anxiety does not have to be feared or ran away from. Her message and vibration was simply that of peace, to bring me back into alignment of my power. Her message was that my spirit wanted in, damnit! Anxiety will cripple you to the point of surrender ~ "It’s time to surrender to your truth, I urge you."

My love is to share tools and methods I personally use to align earth based self with cosmic self. I am here for you. I needed guidance when learning how to move this energy because old Earth was not set up to teach us HOW to process emotions or HOW to align to our truth. When things get REALLY big I still reach out for help. I am here to help and I offer you tools of assistance to remember how to return back to your alignment, back to your truth, your self. For further & direct assistance, check out the following Blog Post, The Pause for a channeled breath technique called "Balloon Breath". For one on one assistance check out my service page. Some of my personal favorites for bringing clarity to the connection to of self are crystals (crystal consultation) & Reiki. With Honor & Resilience

~Amanda Elyse

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