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The Pause & Balloon Breath

This pause, that is upon HUmanity, can be utilized in an infinite amount of ways. HUmanity is among a massive Heart Opening. This heart opening triggers a lot of fear because of old traumas still held in the nervous system. Its been ingrained into society to hold back love, that is not safe to love because of the pain it has brought in the past.

For example, you lost a loved one, you get your heart broken, you experienced a painful childhood where love was not present so you sought out for it in unhealthy ways. While others choose to scramble their brains and short circuit their fuses, many can choose to find their truth within. We can use this time to cultivate empowerment within the personal core self.

On a personal level…

This is not about who will save me, who will come to my rescue, who will be my next definer of what is socially acceptable by the next states set of laws. It is about standing in MY power and now giving it away to another flawed illusion of savior hood, martyrdom or co-dependance. In my power, I am my own savior. I choose to take responsibility of the creative energy that expresses itself as my life.

Only a dis-eased, corrupt society would have me believing I am less than MY power.

As an aligned being of Original Source, I go through no other being but my divine connection to be one with MY source. With my aligned self, I know what my body, mind and spirit need AND DESERVE to thrive as a being of light incarnating in HUman form.

When fear projects its illusion onto me, it is really just projecting light onto false ideas I was still holding onto from the old world. Old, false beliefs of who 'I am' as an attempt to keep ‘thinking’ I am small and insignificant. Fear is the trigger that brings awareness of the dense bits still left over.

For example,

Imagine a projector shining onto a projection screen. Only do you see the imagine (denseness) clearly when it shines (triggers) onto the screen (blockage). The imagine, or flow of energy/light, still exists before its seen onto the screen, taking notice of the space between projector and screen. When this flow of energy or light is shining onto the screen it is simply triggering awareness to the dense bits that wish to return to its natural flow state. We can shift the projection of fear into a trigger of alignment. Transcending fear back to original source. Below is a source channeled technique to assist with this.

Some of use have crossed over the bridge. We have one foot in the new world and one in the old world. However, at times, it can be hard to tell. We must keep anchoring the light. As we shine brighter and brighter the others will see. Once there are more and more with one foot in both worlds, together we will bring both feet to meet and ground into the new Earth. This technique

+ Clearly connects you to your core self

opens the heart

+ Brings awareness and integrates the emotion behind the dense energy/blockage so that it may be processed

+ Lifts it up and out of the physical, mental and energetic bodies and transcends it back to original source. The goal is self love and acceptance of our light and life’s experiences. It is not to disown, suppressed or ignore ‘bad’ or ’negative’ emotions. Emotions are simply triggers from the light to bring you into deeper alignment to your original source. The goal is to find safety within your body to process life’s experience in a healthy, flow state. HUman vessels are emotional filters. Everything we choose to manifest physically is an act of an emotional, survival need of pleasure. Our breath is a tool to activate these filters to cultivate this pleasure response, via ease within the nervous system, which communicates with the entire rest of the body. The technique ~ Balloon Breath

Begin by breathing in through an open mouth, belly expands & out through an open mouth, belly falls. *Open mouth breath grounds energy directly into body, instead of through the nose and into the head.

Relax the eyes into the skull as you continue open mouth breathing. This signals the nervous system, body and mind that you are safe and protected in your space.

Start by noticing all the sounds around you. Expand that awareness even farther, and notice.

Allow each old or new noise to sink you further into even deeper and deeper states of relaxation.

Consciously relax each body party from the toes to head.

Ground your essence down to the Earths core. Anchor here.

Connect to your cosmic, divine self by seeing your white light cord at the top of your head.

Both your earthly connection and cosmic connection stream into your body and collide into your heart.

This process may take time to process through the body. Just keep the flow of open mouth breath to integrate. Stuck energy may arise. Remember it is trigger into alignment.

Now bring your awareness to the emotion you are transcending.

For example, fear.

Bring full awareness into that emotion being brought to light. Just notice, allow it be in the body for a moment.

Take notice of WHERE in the body you feel this emotion. Is it in the belly, head, heart, or somewhere else?

Once located, notice sensations or shifts once you bring your undivided attention to this emotion.

What is this emotion communicating with you? Take time here if you need.

Next use your tools, your breath, to breathe into the area, breathe into the emotion.

As you breathe in and fill this emotion up with oxygen, the emotion fills up like a huge balloon. The oxygen brought to this area, by breath, neutralizes the emotion.

As you exhale the balloon floats up and out of the layers of the body and back to Original Source.

Do this over and over until you FEEL the shift physically. Deeply rooted emotions may take some time to shift. If taking time to feel the physical shift brings up frustrating, anger, guilt, shame, allow it too. It is releasing the many, deeeeeeep layers. Remember, YOU ARE THE WITNESS. Once you have felt the shift, immediately imprint an energy you wish to replace, fill, this space with. That may be joy, ease, heart felt connection or simply love. For this moment bring in an experience that activates the energy. Release the experience and allow the activation energy to stay.

Once this space as been refilled, again return to your heart connection, your core self, keeping your connection to cosmos and earth open and slowly return to your space. Congratulations! You just healthfully processed emotions and rewired your DNA for deeper states of ease.

Tips to assist the shift ~ Drink lots of water

Take a salt and baking soda bath

Use crystals to assimilate energy ~ rose quartz or lepidolite would work wonders here! Dont have any? Contact me & check out Crystal Consultation under the service page.

Need further assistance? One on one sessions of Reiki & Past Life Regressions are available.

With Love & Ease

~Amanda Elyse

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