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Gentle Yoga Nidra - Warm


9-10:15 am 

A calming, stress-relieving yoga class focused on rejuvenation and healing. Stretch and strengthen the body gradually while building awareness of the breath and the body. Recommended for all levels looking for a soothing, relaxing, and restorative experience, especially those newer to yoga or working with special concerns or injuries.

Yoga Nidra, a meditation technique, is the conscious state between wakefulness and falling asleep. I will lead you through a deeply relaxing body scan that brings full awareness of yourself. Yoga Nidra reduces stress, aids in deeper sleep, cultivates joy and well-being.

We are meeting on Facebook Live during this time of rest.

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Moon Yoga

Every New & Full Moon
8-9 pm 


Every month these classes will fall on the nights of the new & full moon so you can pre mark your calendars! 

An astrological ritual that combines astrology, ancient elemental knowledge, chakras and yoga. Honing in on honoring the natural phenomena that occurs internally and externally, while capturing an understanding of the powers each of them hold and how this knowledge can benefit our daily lives. 
The moon, representing our deep emotional selves, has many layers. 
The new moon asks us to ponder and cultivate what aspects we desire to bring into our lives. Also called the dark moon, the darkness is slowly waxing towards light. Shining light on and fulfilling our intentions.
The full moon holds the energy to release what no longer serves our lives. Slowly beginning to move into the dark moon, waning away, riding us of old, stagnant energy. 
Taking an active and conscious role, in this 28 day process, possesses power that is transformative on deep, subconscious levels.

May 7th ~ Full Moon

May 22nd ~ New Moon

June 5th ~ Full Moon
June 22st ~ New Moon, Summer Solstice

July 5th ~ Full Moon

July 20th ~ New Moon

August 3rd ~ Full Moon

August 19th ~ New Moon

September 2nd ~ Full Moon

Septemer 17th ~ New Moon

October 1st ~ Full Moon

October 16th ~ New Moon

October 31st ~ Full/Blue Moon, Hallows Eve

November 15th ~ New Moon

November 30th ~ Full Moon

December 14th ~ New Moon

December 29th ~ Full Moon

Meeting at Zoom, Live, during these times of rest. Email me at to book this class.

“Amanda brings a wealth of information to each session and exposes us to a variety of different meditations & modalities. She has a compassionate teaching style, which I find, makes everything very accessible, even for newbies. My first impression of Amanda was that I have much to learn from her & that has proven to be spot on.” 


—  Amy U.

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